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The Trade Webzone is specifically designed for the trade and centralises different food safety information related to the trade in a well-structured manner, which includes the latest news on food safety and food safety regulations and guidelines. We also specially set up the “Event Dates for Trade” which facilitates the trade to select suitable activities to join.
The members of food trade will be invited to participate in various types of event including Trade Consultation Forum, Symposiums and Seminars
Event Dates for Trade
Date Category Event
21/12/2017 Consultation Trade Consultation Forum
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Laws and Guidelines

Food Safety More Information Meetings More Information Training and Education Resources More Information Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Links
Nutrition Labelling Scheme
Food Safety Ordinance
Food Alert This Week
Latest News
E-news - 18.01.2018 Uploaded on 18/1/2018 New
Nuclear Event and Food Safety Uploaded on 17/1/2018 New
Food Safety Focus (138th Issue, January 2018) Uploaded on 17/1/2018 New
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Food Safety Report for November 2017 Uploaded on 29/12/2017
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Seasonal Food Surveillance on Poon Choi Uploaded on 30/11/2017
Food Safety Seminar for Trade 2017 New
Ciguatera Toxin
Legislative Proposals Relating to Formula Products and Foods Intended for Infants and Young Children
Food Safety Charter
Voluntary Registration Scheme for Live Food Animals and Live Poultry Importers / Distributors
Refined Regulatory Framework for Pesticide Residues in Food in Hong Kong
Food Safety Ordinance
List of Small Volume Exemption Products
Frequently Asked Questions on Nutrition Labelling Scheme
Nutrition Label Calculator
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