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Food Poisoning Outbreaks Related to Food Trade

Local Situation

  • Over the past five years, the numbers of food poisoning cases referred to the Centre for Food Safety for investigation ranged from around 220 to 350 each year in Hong Kong. The numbers of persons affected ranged from around 930 to 1310.
  • Food poisoning outbreaks occur in a seasonal pattern in which summer is the peak season.
  • Bacterial foodborne agents are the leading causes of all food poisoning outbreaks.

Causative Agents

Bacteria Virus
Natural toxins Chemicals


High-Risk Foods

Siu mei & lo mei, sushi & sashimi Seafood
Oyster Food served in bulk, e.g., buffet and lunch box

Important Contributing Factors

  • Cross contamination of ready-to-eat food by raw food
  • Cross contamination by food handlers
  • Inappropriate storage of ready-to-eat food at temperature of 4-60 °C
  • Prolonged storage of ready-to-eat food at room temperature
  • Inadequate cooking, especially in case of seafood

Safety Tips


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Last Revision Date : 03-08-2016