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Food Safety Opinion Box

Food Safety - Industry Resources
"Poon Choi" Guidelines for Safe Production of "Poon Choi"

Guidelines for the safe production of "Poon Choi" - For food manufacturers (pamphlets)

School Lunch

Tips on Safe Meals Handling for Food Caterers and Schools

Guidelines on How to Ensure Lunch Boxes Ordered Are Safe

Checklist for School Lunch Box Caterers (Chinese Version Only)

Training Materials ( Chinese version only )

Production of safe school lunchboxes

Developing a school food safety plan based on HACCP system (for school lunch box caterers) (PDF format / Size: 2.2MB)

Food Safety Information (PDF format / Size: 2.01MB) (Chinese version only )

Enjoying Safe School Lunches


Food Safety Information (PDF format / Size: 2.5MB)



Keeping Your Buffet Safe


Siu Mei & LO Mei Sell Siu Mei and Lo Mei Safely (Training Materials for Food Handlers' Reference)

Sale of Siu-mei and Lo-mei : - Guidelines

Microbiological Risk Assessment on Siu-mei and Lo-mei

Sushi & Sashimi Food Safety Plan - Sashimi/Sushi : Training Materials

Flowchart of Preparation of Sushi & Sashimi

The Making of Safe Sushi and Sashimi

Risk Assessment Studies Report: Sushi and Sashimi in Hong Kong

"Know More About Japanese Sashimi"

Thai Restaurant - Training Materials

Other Ready-to-eat Food Guidelines on the Production of Sandwiches

Guidelines on the Production of Snowy Moon Cakes

Guidelines on the Production of Flavoured Ice Beverages

Guidelines on the Production of Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Juices

Hygiene practice for preparation of foods eaten raw

Guidelines on the Preparation of Oyster

Frozen Confection


A Guide to Food Manufacturers - Barbecued Meat

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