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Rapid Alert to Trade

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) has been constantly monitoring food safety incidents from various overseas countries and areas and assessing their local public health implications. When local impact is possible, the CFS distributes the information to the trade and the public promptly so that they can take actions in a timely manner.

The dissemination work to the trade was enhanced when the CFS started to pilot a Rapid Alert System (RAS) in September 2007. The RAS was officially launched on 1 February 2008. Through this system, Rapid Alert messages are sent by a mass e-mail and fax system. The recipients may also receive a reminder through short message service (SMS) if their mobile telephone numbers are provided. In this connection, the trade can take timely appropriate action to minimise the public health impact, e.g. stop selling/recall concerned food products, and the traders are also encouraged to inform the CFS immediately if the concerned products are available.

Members of the trade who wish to receive the rapid alert message should enroll to the “Rapid Alert System” by returning the completed “Rapid Alert System Enrolment Form”. Please complete the form and return it by fax to Risk Communication Section, Centre for Food Safety for processing. The registration is free of charge. For enquiry, please contact us at 2867 5698 during office hours.

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Last Revision Date : 01-09-2014