Do Not Eat Raw Freshwater Fish to Avoid Harmful Bacteria and Parasites

Acrylamide, Glycidyl Esters and 3-Monochloropropane-1,2-diol Esters in Biscuits

Cultured Meat

Food safety of eggs and eggs products

Dutch eggs found with pesticide fipronil

Nitrofuans Metabolites Residues in Catfish

Food Safety of Flavoured Ice Beverages

Test results of glyphosate residues in oatmeal products

Nuclear Event and Food Safety

Mushroom Toxins

Online Shopping of High-risk Food

Purchasing high-risk foods online or bring them from other places into Hong Kong

Purchasing Food Online

Online Sale of Food

The Risks of Eating Raw Honey

Not to consume any food found abandoned on the street

Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Food Contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Cholesterol in Multilayer Seafood Steam Pot

Edible insect and food safety

Microbiological risks of sandwiches

A natural toxin in fresh Jin Zhen

Upkeep Quality of Fruits and Vegetables

"Foaming" Watermelon

Crab Roe and Dioxins

Use of Food Additives in Durian

Mercury in Fish

Cheese Made with Raw Milk

Marinated Raw Crabs and Food Safety

Excessive Pesticide Residues in Tea Products in Taiwan 

Screening "Toxins" in Food with Genetically Modified Fish Embryos

Pesticides Residues in Tea Leaves / Floral Tea

Be Vigilant against Hepatitis A

World Health Day 2015: Food Safety

Listeria and Home-made Salads


Lap-mei (Chinese Preserved Meat) and Food Safety

Inherent Risk of Eating Raw

The Use of Veterinary Drug and Food Safety

Remain Vigilant Against Avian Influenza

Prevention of Avian Influenza

Only Consume Plants Known to be Safe

Food Poisoning Case Associated with Consumption of Mouldy Sugarcane

Beware of toxic plants resembling Radix Fici Simplicissimae

Food Safety Tips for "Formed Meat"

How Long a Shelf Life could a Product Have?

Natural Toxins in Bitter Apricot Seeds

Substandard Fats and Oils Produced in Taiwan

Mercury in Food

"Use by" vs "Best before" Date

Ochratoxin A in Coffee

Safe Use of Water and Beverage Bottles

Food Products with False Description

Why would pesticide residues appear in food?

"Mad Honey Poisoning" Case

Food Safety Tips for Vulnerable Population Groups

Green Meat in Chickens?

Could injected meat be imported and sold as food for human consumption in Hong Kong?

Beware of Food Poisoning Related to the Giant Alocasia

Keep the Cooking Oil Safe

Food Safety Tips of Eating Scallops

Raw Oysters and Food Safety

Food Safety Tips for "Poon Choi"

Can HIV/AIDS be transmitted by food?


Coliforms – Traditional Hygienic Indicator

Formula Products Contaminated with Clostridium Botulinum

Food Safety Control in Response to Nuclear Incident in Japan

Summer times and food safety

Outbreak of Cyclosporiasis in the United States

Nuclear Incident and Food Safety

Dioxins in Food

Nutritional Composition in Infant and Follow-up Formulae

Does the name of a food truly reveal its nature?

Food Safety Tips for Travellers

Food Safety Tips on Fruits and Fruit Products

Natural Toxic Substances in Food

Ciguatera Toxin


Toxins in Bile of Freshwater Fish of the Family of Cyprinidae

Benzo[a]pyrene in Cooking Oil

Horse Meat Found in Beef Products in Europe

Shellfish Toxins

Natural Toxins in Food Plants

The Safety of Energy Drink

Iodine in Infant Formula

Oyster and Shellfish

Canola Oil

Ethyl Carbamate in Food

Use of Boric Acid and Borax in Food

Hepatitis E

Aflatoxin in Foods

Overview on Food Additives


Siu-mei and Lo-mei

Sashimi and sushi

Risk in Brief - Cadmium in Food

Pesticide Residues in Food


Enterobacter sakazakii in Powdered Infant Formula

Radioactively Contaminated Milk Powder

Enterohaemorrhagic E. coli