World Health Day 2015: Food Safety

World Health Day 2015

Every year, the World Health Organization (WHO) selects a priority area of global public health concern as the theme for World Health Day, which falls on 7 April, the birthday of the WHO. The theme for World Health Day 2015 is "Food Safety".

Food Safety is an area of public health action to protect consumers from the risks of food poisoning and foodborne diseases, acute or chronic. Unsafe food can lead to a range of health problems: diarrhoeal disease, viral disease, reproductive and developmental problems, cancers. Yet food safety is a hidden, and often overlooked, problem. WHO, therefore, dedicated its 2015 World Health Day to food safety, to catalyse collective government and public action to put measures in place that will improve safety of food from farms, factories, street vendors, and kitchens.

Food Safety – A Shared Responsibility

To reduce food incidents and food poisoning cases, we need to strengthen food safety control. Food safety is a shared responsibility. The CFS has been promoting the importance of tripartite collaboration among the Government, the food trade and the public. It is important to work all along the food production chain – from farmers and manufacturers to food-handlers and consumers. For example, food-handlers and consumers are advised to apply "Five Keys to Food Safety" when handling and preparing food.

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