World Health Day 2015: Food Safety

Hong Kong imports over 90% of its food and the great diversity of food comes from all over the world. Food incidents, whether local or overseas, often attract public attention and always remain an issue of public concern. Since the establishment in May 2006, the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) has strived to handle food incidents in a proactive manner by strengthening its ability to identify and respond to food incidents and emerging issues promptly in order to reduce any potential adverse impact on public health. In the past few years, we faced the challenges of the Sudan dyes incident in 2006, the oilfish incident in 2007, the melamine incident in 2008, the nuclear incident in Fukushima and the plasticiser incident in 2011, and the substandard lard incident in 2014. The CFS responded to the incidents in a quick and efficient manner to ease the public's anxiety on the safety of the food available in the Hong Kong market.

Review of Food Incidents (2007-2014)