Does the name of a food truly reveal its nature?

Does the name of a food truly reveal its nature?

Recently, there has been some discussion in the media about food names, their implications and consumers' expectations. Is it true that a food name is a reflection of its contents?

Many foods have names that seem to suggest their ingredients or origins but in fact have no connection with them. Food named for a certain ingredient may only bear a resemblance to the look of that ingredient but contains none of it. Food named for a certain geographical region may not necessarily originate from that place. There are also other foods named from their legendary origins.

The trade should provide information on the food ingredients. To know the actual ingredients contained in the food, consumers are advised to read the ingredient lists on the food labels when purchasing prepackaged food and to ask the staff for the information when patronising restaurants.

Here are some examples of what we frequently encounter in our daily life.

Foods in name but not in fact

Foods with regional names but not of the region