Food Safety Tips for Travellers

With summer approaching, many of you may well be planning to travel abroad. Travelling can be exciting and rewarding, but can also carry potential risks. Contaminated water or food can cause a variety of diseases that range from mild and short-lived symptoms (e.g. vomiting, diarrhoea) to longer and more severe diseases (e.g. cholera, hepatitis A). Travellers should remain vigilant when abroad and take the following precautionary measures to prevent food- or water-borne illness.

Keep Clean

Dangerous microorganisms are present in the environment and can be carried on hands and transferred to food.

Choose Safe Beverages and Food

Water (including ice) and raw food can be contaminated with dangerous microorganisms. Toxins may also be formed in damaged and mouldy food.

Water and Beverages


Keep Food at Safe Temperatures

Food held at room temperature for long hours allow pathogens to grow and produce toxin.