Like Love, Food Safety is No Accident–Practise Five Keys Now!


Foodborne diseases, also known as food poisoning, incur health and economic costs, and many cases of foodborne disease occur due to food safety lapses in food preparation or handling either in food service establishments or at home. Knowledgeable food handlers, including those who prepare food at home, can significantly reduce the chances of causing foodborne diseases and improve public health. This is especially important for people who have increased vulnerability to foodborne diseases.

With reference to the advice of the World Health Organization, the CFS has been promoting the "5 Keys to Food Safety" (5 Keys) in food safety within local context, namely:

  1. Choose (Choose safe raw materials);
  2. Clean (Keep hands and utensils clean);
  3. Separate (Separate raw and cooked food);
  4. Cook (Cook thoroughly); and
  5. Safe Temperature (Keep food at safe temperature).

In support of the theme of the World Food Safety Day on 7 June, the CFS is taking this chance to promote the importance of food safety to food businesses and the public in order to raise awareness of 5 Keys as the best measure in preventing foodborne diseases.

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