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Food Safety Focus (205th Issue, August 2023) – Article 4

Undercooked Pork - Safe to Eat?

There are online discussions about the safety of consuming dishes with undercooked pork at food premises. Undercooked pork is not safe to eat and poses a significant risk to food safety due to various microbiological hazards and parasitic infections.

Since undercooked pork does not have adequate heat treatment to eliminate foodborne bacteria such as Salmonella, consuming undercooked pork could result in food poisoning. In addition, undercooked pork may contain protozoan parasites like Toxoplasma, which can cause toxoplasmosis when ingested. The parasites in the form of microscopic cysts can be transmitted to humans by food.

When preparing pork dishes, the trade and the public are reminded to check that they are thoroughly cooked. The core temperature of the pork should reach at least 75°C. When using a food thermometer, it should be inserted into the centre of the thickest part of the meat. For the sake of food safety, the public should not consume raw or undercooked pork.