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Food Safety Focus (205th Issue, August 2023) – Article 3

Food Safety in Schools and Childcare Facilities

As summer vacation is nearing its end, schools and childcare facilities are preparing for a new school year. When it comes to school meals, it is essential to maintain high food safety and hygiene standard as safe and nutritious food is important to the growth and wellbeing of children. This is especially true for younger children as they are more vulnerable to food poisoning. Therefore, staff and food handlers should properly understand the potential hazards in food and practice proper food hygiene.

To assist teachers, caregivers and food handlers in developing a comprehensive understanding of food safety issues in schools, the Centre for Food Safety has prepared a new booklet titled "A Practical Guide for Ensuring Food Safety in Schools and Childcare Facilities" for teachers and staff. The guide covers basic food safety requirements and other important aspects necessary for establishing a successful food safety programme in schools and childcare facilities. For more information on ensuring food safety on campus, please visit the newly launched thematic webpage for schools.