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Food Safety Focus (132nd Issue, July 2017 ) – Food Incident Highlight

Nip Food Safety Rumours in the Bud

In recent years, spreading of rumours/hoaxes about various foods safety issues via social media has become a global phenomenon. The alleged foods include “SK5 virus in fish/fruits”, “Fake rice”, and “HIV/ AIDS blood-tainted canned fruits”, to name but a few. These rumours, if not nipped in the bud timely, may result in unnecessary panic, alarm and impact on food supply/choice. Rumours previously dismissed by various food safety authorities may revive after a few months or years, with a twist of the food types, hazards, and claimed health issues.

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) is devoted to debunk rumours and minimise the unnecessary fear and anxiety in the public. Science-based knowledge and accurate information are disseminated through channels, such as Food Safety Topics and Food Safety Focus in CFS website , and CFS Facebook . However, the speed and coverage of the spread of invalidated information circulated in the social media pose much challenge to us. The public can play an important role in stopping the rumours spread. Verify the accuracy by browsing the food safety authorities official websites before sharing rumours with families and friends.