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Food Alerts for 2011

08.12.2011: Batches of milk powder recalled by Japanese manufacturer following detection of radioactive substances
03.12.2011: Stop consumption of suspected chemical-tainted milk products
24.8.2011: Not to consume a plasticiser-tainted hot bean paste imported from Taiwan
17.8.2011: Not to consume two kinds of plasticiser-tainted sauce imported from Taiwan
28.7.2011: Call to stop consuming fresh mushrooms suspected to contain toxins
27.7.2011: Not to consume certain fibre pie produced in Taiwan
14.7.2011: Stop sale and consumption of a plasticiser-tainted dietary supplement imported from US
13.7.2011: Alert on bottled fermented bean curd with possible contamination with a pathogen
4.7.2011: Stop sale and consumption of a kind of pineapple pie imported from Taiwan
27.6.2011: Not to consume an instant noodle from Japan (with plasticiser-tainted soup powder inside)
21.6.2011: Prohibit import and not to consume a plasticiser-tainted tea drink
21.6.2011: Not to consume a Taiwanese oat product suspected to be contaminated
17.6.2011: stop consuming four kinds of food products from Taiwan and use of a yoghurt
14.6.2011: Not to consume an asparagus juice produced in Taiwan
13.6.2011: Prohibit import and not to consume a sports drink from Taiwan
13.6.2011: Not to consume an instant noodle from Taiwan
10.06.2011: Not to consume six kinds of Taiwanese food suspected to be plasticiser-tainted
09.06.2011: Not to consume certain square cookies produced in Taiwan
  13.6.2011:   Updated Food Alert: Not to consume square cookies from Taiwan
03.06.2011: Not to consume Taiwanese drink powder suspected to be contaminated
  9.6.2011:   Updated Food Alert: Prohibit import of a plasticiser-tainted Taiwanese drink powder
02.06.2011: Prohibit imports of a fruit jelly produced in Taiwan
02.06.2011: Not to consume a star fruit juice produced in Taiwan
25.05.2011: Warning on Taiwanese Energy Drinks Suspected to be Contaminated
  30.5.2011:   Press Release: FEHD and DH take measures to follow up on plasticiser contamination incident in Taiwan (with photos)
04.05.2011: Warning on Razor Clams from the United Kingdom Suspected of Containing Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning Toxin
10.01.2011: Hold and test imported German eggs and poultry (Refer to updated position on 10.3.2011)
  31.1.2011:   Updated position as in the press release: Satisfactory dioxin test results for 33 more samples of German foods
  10.3.2011:   Updated position as in the press release: CFS resumes normal surveillance of German foods for testing of dioxins
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