Whether you are planning a simple summer picnic or a big holiday party, getting ready for a meal with friends or celebrating the holidays with family, food safety should be your top priority. Always practise 'Five Keys to Food Safety' to keep disease-causing microorganisms away from your food.

Large Groups and Parties
How do you ensure that everyone prepares and stores food securely when food for parties and big crowds is produced in various places by different people? Consult the following advices:

Foodborne diseases (food poisoning) are common in the summer because germs reproduce quicker whenever it's warm. Follow these food safety tips to be healthy and safe:

Chinese Festivals
Every year, many cooks prepare the greatest dinner of the year for celebrating our traditional festivals. The following information may assist you in preparing your unique festival feast and in counting down the days till the holiday:

Autumn and Winter Holidays
Fresh produce and aquatic products showcase the best of the autumn harvest. Furthermore, food is always an important part around the Christmas season. Check out these resources for ensuring that Christmas buffets and mail-order food are free of the germs that cause foodborne illness, whether you're an expert chef, a first-time party host, or presenting a dish to a potluck meal: