At festive seasons, many people would order food delivery services for parties at offices and homes for the sake of flexibility and convenience. However, to safeguard our health, we must be careful and pay special attention to food safety measures when arranging these services.

When we arrange food delivery services, choose reliable licensed catering suppliers. For a bulk order, consider whether the supplier has adequate production capability to handle it.

As for food choices, we should try to order those foods that have undergone thorough cooking. For high-risk raw foods such as sashimi and sushi, ask the supplier in advance about the transportation methods and procedures for ensuring cold foods are kept at 4℃ or below during transportation. For hot dishes, they should be kept at 60℃ or above during transportation.

Arrange the foods to be delivered at appropriate timing such that guests can consume the foods immediately upon delivery. As prolonged storage at room temperature will increase chance of bacteria growth, foods should not be kept at room temperature for more than two hours. Cold dishes should be kept at 4℃ or below, while hot-served foods at 60℃ or above over warming devices.

Apart from these food safety tips, we should take note of the hygienic conditions of the utensils. Unused utensils such as dishes, knives and forks should be kept in clean containers instead of being placed messily. Separate utensils should be used for distribution of different types of foods to avoid cross contamination. Also, we must observe good personal hygiene and wash our hands with soap and clean water thoroughly before eating and after going to the toilet.

Lastly, always adopt healthy eating habits by avoiding foods that are high in sugar, fat or salt. Maintain a balanced diet while enjoying the festival.