Food Safety Files

5 Keys to Food Safety

Melamine in Mainland's Milk Powder Incident

Security Bureau's advice on hemp

Safe Handling of Tomatoes

Eating Puffer Fish can result in poisoning

Prevention of Fly Breeding in Bottled Soy Sauce

How does the Centre for Food Safety Monitor and Control Vegetables on Sale in Hong Kong

Proactive Measures Taken Regarding Registered Vegetables Farms on the Mainland

High risk food - raw shrimp sashimi

Sulphur dioxide in longan

Safe Consumption of Konjac Jellies

Salmonella poona in Cantaloupes

Comparison of different defrosting methods

Prevention of Avian Influenza

Prevention of Avian Influenza--Pamphlet and Poster

Is Mainland Food Sold in Hong Kong Safe?

Colouring Matters in Food

Food and Drugs (Composition and Labelling) (Amendment) Regulation 2004

Enjoy Coral Reef Fish but Mind Ciguatoxin Poisoning

Enjoying "Poon Choi" Safely

Trilingual Telephone Hotline System on Food Safety and Environmental Hygiene

CODE OF PRACTICE - Import and Sale of Live Marine Fish for Human Consumption

Prevention of Bacillary Dysentery

Safety Tips on Handling Pork

Food Safety Tips on Sauropus androgynus