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Latest issue of E-News (18/11/2021)

(1) Test results of seasonal food surveillance project on hairy crabs all satisfactory

The CFS announced that the results of a recently completed seasonal food surveillance project for hairy crabs. All samples passed the tests.

Traders should have obtained relevant permits or written permission granted by the FEHD for selling hairy crabs, and the hairy crabs being sold must be accompanied with health certificates issued by the relevant authorities of the exporting economies. They should source hairy crabs from reliable suppliers and comply with the relevant regulatory requirements. Moreover, hairy crabs for sale must be kept in a refrigerator.

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(2) Guidance for Trade on the Prevention and Reduction of Aflatoxin Contamination in Peanuts

Peanut is an economically important produce globally. However, the quality and food safety of peanuts can be jeopardised by the invasion of aflatoxin-producing mould during production, storage and processing. The CFS provided guidance for food trade producing and handling peanuts in pursuit of preventing and reducing aflatoxin contamination.

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(3) Online Shopping of High-risk Foods

Online food shopping has become a common practice these days. When purchasing food online, consumers should pay particular attention to the nature of foods because certain high-risk food items are known to be associated with food poisoning outbreaks.

Public needs to be more discerning when ordering high-risk foods online. The public is advised to pay attention to the nature and potential risks associated with the food items that they intend to purchase online.

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(4) Food Safety Focus (184th Issue, November 2021)

The topics of the current issue are: ·

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(5) Food Safety Bulletin (for Consumers) and Food Safety Express (for Food Trade)

The Food Safety Bulletin (for Consumers) and Food Safety Express (for Food Trade) had been published. This issue includes “Review of Food Poisoning Outbreaks Related to Food Premises and Food Business in 2020”, “Food Safety Risks of Raw Oysters” and “News on CFS”, etc.

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