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Latest issue of E-News (4/8/2022)

(1)   Summer times and food safety

The warm weather in summer can lead to higher risk of food poisoning due to bacteria because bacteria grow faster in warm environments. As such, CFS would like to remind members of the public and trade to be vigilant particularly during summer times to ensure food safety.

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(2)   Food Safety Focus (192nd Issue, July 2022)

The latest issue of Food Safety Focus is now available. The topics include: ·

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(3)   2022 Trade Talk and Workshop on HACCP

The Centre for Food Safety of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department is organising the Centre for Food Safety Trade Talk and Workshop on HACCP 2022 which starts to take place from April through November 2022. The objective of the program is to publicize proper food handling to employees of food business. Coupled with the active participation and collaboration between the government and stakeholder, the Campaign also promotes the adoption of the “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)” System and the development of “Food Safety Plan” in food processing, thereby enhancing food safety

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(4)   Roving Exhibitions on Food Safety

The roving exhibitions will be held in August 2022 at Luen Wo Hui Market, Trade and Industry Tower, Scenic View, Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre, To Kwa Wan Market and Tang Lung Chau Market. Panels cover topics on 5 Keys for Food Safety, Organic Food, Food Safety Advice for Pregnant Women, Veterinary Drug Residues, Trans Fats, Nutrition Labelling, Prevention of Cross-contamination, Natural Toxins, Control of Food Temperature and Genetically Modified Food.

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(5)   Food Safety Report for June 2022

To deliver the latest food safety information timely to the public, the CFS announces the monthly “Food Safety Report”, sharing the food surveillance results.

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