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Latest issue of E-News (21/9/2023)

(1) Poon Choi and Food Safety

People should order "Poon Choi" from reputable and licensed food suppliers. If they want to make their own, they should maintain good personal and food hygiene to prevent cross contamination.

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(2) Mooncakes and Food Safety

Due to the absence of a high-temperature treatment during the manufacturing process, snowy and ice-cream mooncakes tend to pose a higher microbiological risk than traditional mooncakes. Hence, strict hygiene and stringent temperature control are necessary during processing, transportation and storage to prevent contamination and growth of bacteria.

Following are some safety tips for consumers who purchase and consume snowy or ice-cream mooncakes:

(3) Seasonal food surveillance project on mooncakes (first phase)

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department announced the results of a seasonal food surveillance project on mooncakes (first phase). The results of 149 samples tested were all satisfactory.

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(4) Control Measures on Foods Imported from Japan

Ensuring food safety is the HKSAR Government's prime consideration. Check out the latest import control measures on Japanese food posed by the HKSAR Government, as well as related frequently asked questions.

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(5) Microbiological Quality of Non-hot Served Dishes with Chicken Meat

Chicken meat is a common ingredient in many local non-hot served ready-to-eat dishes. The preparation process of chicken meat for non-hot served dishes may result in greater microbiological risks, due to potential risk of insufficient cooking and involvement of manual handling. The CFS therefore conducted a study and collected from takeaway shops or stalls and restaurants 100 samples of non-hot served chicken meat dishes. The microbiological quality of the samples concerned was assessed against the criteria stipulated in Microbiological Guidelines for Food.

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