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Latest issue of E-News (16.5.2024)

(1) Food Safety Report for March 2024

To deliver the latest food safety information timely to the public, the CFS announces the monthly “Food Safety Report”, sharing the food surveillance results.

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(2) Shellfish Poisoning

Recently, there is a case of suspected neurotoxic shellfish poisoning with the patient feeling unwell after consuming sea snails and areolate babylon. Shellfish poisoning is caused by a group of toxins, known as shellfish toxins, produced by certain species of algae. To reduce the health risk of shellfish poisoning, remove and discard all internal organs of shellfish where possible before consumption.

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(3)CFS briefs industry representatives on Advance Release Arrangement for Hong Kong-manufactured food products entering Mainland market

The new measure of the Cooperation Agreement on the Supervision of Safety and Facilitation of Customs Clearance of Food Products Manufactured in Hong Kong Exported to the Mainland will commence on May 21. Upon meeting specific requirements, Hong Kong-manufactured food products with satisfactory on-site inspection of the Mainland Customs that are still required to go through sampling and testing can be released upon completion of sampling without waiting for the results.

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(4) Beef Burgers – Food Safety Guidelines for Food Businesses

Over the past few years, there has been a trend for gourmet-style burger restaurants in Hong Kong. Some of them sell rare or medium burger patties that give a taste and mouthfeel considered to be distinct from their well-done counterparts. However, they may not be aware that undercooked burger patties can impose risks of food poisoning.

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Centre for Food Safety

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