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Latest issue of E-News (1/12/2022)

(1) Takeaways and Meal Delivery - Food Safety Advice for Food Businesses and Consumers

While food ordering apps have grown in popularity in recent years, customers can now place food orders from scattered locations using their electronic devices for courier services. No matter the meals are delivered by staff of food premises or third-party delivery agents, it is important to handle food properly from door to door for safety's sake.

This set of advice is intended for food business operators providing meal delivery services, including food premises and third party food delivery agents, which prepare, pick up and deliver meals ready for consumption by customers upon arrival. It aims to assist the food trade in implementing appropriate food safety measures in their operations to reduce the risk of foodborne diseases when providing food delivery services.

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(2) Safe Food For All - Antimicrobial Resistance and Food Safety

Antimicrobial resistance is not only a public health issue, but also a threat to food safety. To effectively combat "superbugs" in food, the public and food businesses should follow the "Five Keys to Food Safety" and maintain good personal and environmental hygiene when handling food. Susceptible populations should pay special attention to the food safety risks of raw or undercooked food.

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(3) EAT TV' Food Safety Channel

The latest episode of EAT TV on "superbugs in food” has premiered on the CFS’ YouTube channel, and is co-streamed on the CFS' Facebook and Instagram pages.

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juOWFlgD9_I 
Facebook: https://fb.watch/h3Vie0rAIY/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reel/ClVu5A2u6Mh/

(4) Food Safety Focus (196h Issue, November 2022)

The latest issue of Food Safety Focus is now available. The topics include: ·

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(5) Roving Exhibitions on Food Safety

The roving exhibitions will be held in December 2022 at Harbour Building and Tung Yik Market. Panels cover topics on Acrylamide, Food Safety Advice for Pregnant Women, Enhance Food Traceability, Strengthen Food Safety, 5 Keys for Food Safety, Control of Food Temperature and Natural Toxins.

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(6) CFS Announces Test Results of Seasonal Food Surveillance Project on Lap-mei

The CFS announced the test results of a recently completed seasonal food surveillance project on lap-mei. The test results of around 140 samples collected were satisfactory.

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(7) Centre for Food Safety Announces Test Results on Hot Pot Food Samples

The CFS announced the test results of a recently completed surveillance project assessing the food safety of hot pot cuisine. A total of 315 hot pot food samples were collected and all passed the tests.

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Centre for Food Safety

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