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Latest issue of E-News (16/3/2023)

(1) Food Trade Talk and Workshop on HACCP & GHP 2023

The Trade Talk and Workshop on GHP & HACCP 2023 which starts to take place from April through November 2023 at Lai Chi Kok Government Offices and Food and Environmental Hygiene Department Nam Cheong Offices and Vehicle Depot. The objective of the program is to publicize proper food handling to employees of food business.

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(2) Seminar on Enhancing International Partnership in Food Safety

The seminar, entitled "Enhancing International Partnership in Food Safety", will be conducted in the afternoon of 31 March 2023 (Friday) in the Grand Ballroom of Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong. The seminar aims at serving as a forum for sharing and exchanging the latest development and best practices in relation to various aspects of food safety. The seminar will also provide a valuable occasion for enhancing the awareness of Codex Alimentarius Commission and celebrating its 60th anniversary among the various stakeholders.

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(3) Food Safety Report for January 2023

To deliver the latest food safety information timely to the public, the CFS announces the monthly “Food Safety Report”, sharing the food surveillance results.

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(4) Online Shopping of High-risk Foods

Online food shopping has become a common practice these days. When purchasing food online, consumers should pay particular attention to the nature of foods because certain high-risk food items are known to be associated with food poisoning outbreaks.

Public needs to be more discerning when ordering high-risk foods online. The public is advised to pay attention to the nature and potential risks associated with the food items that they intend to purchase online.

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Centre for Food Safety

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