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Centre for Food Safety announces test results of Lunar New Year food (second phase)


Online Grocery Shopping and Delivery - Food Safety Advice for Food Businesses and Consumers

CFS announces food safety report for December 2023 and summary of food surveillance programme for 2023

Pay Attention to Risks Associated with Cross-boundary Meals Purchased from Agents and Delivered over Long Distance


Poon Choi and Food Safety 


Monthly Report on Results of Compliance Test for Nutrition Labelling and Declaration of Allergens 

Food Trade Talk and Workshop on HACCP & GHP 2024 

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Greater Bay Area Food Standards 


Food Safety Bulletin 95th Issue (12/2023) / Food Safety Express 95th Issue (12/2023) 

Food Safety Tips for Chinese New Year 

Beware of the Inherent Risks of Raw Oysters 


Food safety report for November 


Risk assessment study results on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in food 

Food Safety Focus (209th Issue, December 2023) 

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