For Your Health Count on the Nutrition Label 1+7

Consumers are increasingly aware of the relationship between diet and health. As their interest in nutrition grows, their demand for nutrition information increases. Nowadays, more and more prepackaged food products, imported and locally manufactured, are provided with nutrition information on their food labels. In this webpage, we will give you a brief overview of the various kinds of nutrition information on food labels and will explain how they can be understood with ease.

Letter to Trade

Guidance Notes and Other Technical Documents

Workshops on Nutrition Labelling Scheme "updated in January 2020"

Small Volume Exemption Scheme "updated in April 2012"

Promotion of Nutrition Labelling at Point of Purchase

Nutrition Label Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions on Nutrition Labelling Scheme "updated in August 2016"

Sampling Plan for Nutrition Labelling Compliance Testing (PDF, 0.4 MB) "updated in September 2015"

Nutrition Labelling Market Survey (2009 - 2011)

Surveys for Assessment on Impact of the Nutrition Labelling Scheme on New-to-market Prepackaged Food Products sold in the Food Expo 2010 and Food Expo 2011

Audio Information on Nutrition Labelling Scheme

International Scene

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