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Food Safety Focus (55th Issue, February 2011) – Food Incident Highlight

Update on Dioxins Contamination Incident in Germany

Following the dioxins contamination incident in Germany reported in the last issue, the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) continued to liaise closely with the German authorities and European Commission. The CFS also contacted Consulate Generals of countries which had imported potentially contaminated animal feed, or food from the animals that might have eaten the feed. Replies confirmed that no affected products have been exported to Hong Kong.

As at 1 February 2011, results for all samples of German food products held for examination and testing by the CFS had been satisfactory. In view of the latest developments, the CFS replaced the "hold and examine" measure by "conduct sampling" on incoming consignments of German food products for dioxins testing. A total of 117 samples tested to date were all satisfactory.

Dioxins are a group of persistent environmental pollutants which tend to accumulate in animal fat via the food chain. Consumers may reduce dioxins intake by maintaining a balanced diet and reducing fat intake.