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Food Safety Focus (194th Issue, September 2022) – Article 4

Boating and Food Safety

Going on a boat trip is a popular way to enjoy summer, and people often bring refreshment for the excursion. However, the food is generally prepared much ahead of time for consumption at a later time during the trip, often not reheated. To ensure that the food is safe to eat, one should follow the "Five Keys to Food Safety", especially "Choose", "Clean" and "Safe Temperature".

When bringing prepared meals on board, choose to purchase from reputable, licensed vendors. Keep cold food cold at 4°C or below by using coolers and ice, and keep hot food hot at above 60°C so that the food stay out of dangerous temperatures. Keep the cooler away from direct sunlight. Apply the “2 hours / 4 hours rule” if the prepared food is left at room temperature: foods that have been at room temperature for more than four hours after cooking are unsafe and should be discarded. Wash hands with liquid soap and water before eating.