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The Consumer Zone offers you comprehensive information on food safety and nutrition in a well-structured manner. Get what you need with ease.
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  Reduction of Dietary Sodium and Sugar

  Meat, Poultry and Eggs
  Nutrition Information   Seafood
  Food Additives   Beverages and Frozen Confections
  Biological Hazards   Fruits and Vegetables
  Food Contaminants   Seasonal Food
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5 Keys to Food Safety
Educational Resources
Food Safety Focus Food Safety Bulletin Risk Assessment Studies and Risk in Brief
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GM Food Newsletter and Pamphlets Audio Visual Resources Online Game
Food Alert This Week
Nuclear Event and Food Safety Uploaded on 24/11/2017 New
Food Safety Focus (136th Issue, November 2017) Uploaded on 15/11/2017 New
Nutrient Content of Hong Kong Style Savoury Dishes Uploaded on 15/11/2017 New
Seasonal Food Surveillance on Lap-Mei on 14/11/2017 New
Food Safety Bulletin (for Consumers) 2017 2nd Issue Uploaded on 13/11/2017 New
Seasonal Food Surveillance on Hairy Crabs Uploaded on 9/11/2017 New
Food Safety Report for September 2017 Uploaded on 1/11/2017
Seasonal Food Surveillance on Mooncakes (Second Phase) Uploaded on 21/9/2017
CFS Facebook CFS Facebook Uploaded on 26/1/2015
CFS YouTube CFS YouTube Uploaded on 26/1/2015
Food Safety App Food Safety App Uploaded on 15/4/2014
Make Better Choices    Use Nutrition Labels
Human Swine Influenza and Food Safety
Consumer Feedback
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