1. Invitation to Food Trade – Register with the Rapid Alert System

    The CFS strives to ensure food sold in Hong Kong is safe and fit for consumption through tripartite collaboration among the Government, food trade and consumers. We are therefore constantly on the vigil to food incidents of concern to us, whether they take place locally or elsewhere in the world. We assess on a daily basis the local impact of food incidents identified, and respond instantly to minimize any impact on public health. In this connection, we need to enlist support from the trade and trade associations so that they can take appropriate action to minimise the public health impact, e.g. stop selling/recall concerned food products, disseminate information to members of their associations etc.

    The CFS has recently piloted the use of a "Rapid Alert System" to send out email/fax message to the trade explaining the incident concerned, providing advice to the trade and enquiry phone numbers. We will also send SMS to trade, if necessary, to alert them to check for email and fax messages. The pilot testing of the system has been in operation for a few months and is running smoothly. We officially launched the "Rapid Alert System" on 1 February 2008 .

    In this regard, we invite you to register with the "Rapid Alert System". We hope that the new system will facilitate you to take prompt action in response to food incidents. We also appeal to your support to disseminate the rapid alert messages to relevant stakeholders.

  2. How to Register

    Members of the food trade who wish to register may complete the "Rapid Alert System Enrolment Form" and return it by fax to Risk Communication Section, Centre for Food Safety for processing. The registration is free of charge. For enquiry, please contact us at 2867 5698 during office hours.