Warning on Peanut Granola Bars with Possible Salmonella Contamination

Issue Date 29 and 30 January 2009
Source of Information Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States
Food Product Organic peanut granola bars
Name of Manufacturer Lovin Oven
Product Name and Description
Product Name Unit UPC Code Lot Codes (Expiry Date)
Health Valley brand "Organic Peanut Crunch Chewy Granola Bars" (6.1 oz box) 0-35742 15483-4 13JUN09, 14JUN09 and 28JUL09
Reason for Recall Product may be contaminated with Salmonella.
Action Taken by the Centre for Food Safety

The CFS has been in close contact with the US authorities in regard to the possible Salmonella contamination incident in the US . The US authorities informed us that the aforesaid peanut granola bars might have been exported to Hong Kong . The CFS has alerted the trade of the issue and will continue its investigations.

The CFS has collected 15 samples of peanut butter and their related products for testing of Salmonella and all results are satisfactory.

Advice to the Trade Stop selling the affected products.
Advice to Consumers Stop consuming the affected products.
Further Information

The FDA website

The CFS press release

Centre for Food Safety
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
30 January 2009