Junior Chefs' Culinary Ideas of Salt and Sugar Reduction Competition

Pre-competition talk

Please see the details below on the pre-competition talk of the Junior Chefs' Culinary Ideas of Salt and Sugar Reduction Competition:

Date 16th March, 2016 (Wed)
Time 16:00-17:15
Venue Sha Tin Town Hall - Exhibition Gallery
Address 1 Yuen Wo Road, Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong
Context Introduce the details of the competition, information about salt and sugars reduction, nutrition labelling as well as five keys to food safety. Relevant materials will also be provided for reference by entrants.

For any enquiries, please feel free to contact us by calling 3962 2091.


The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) and the Education Bureau, in collaboration with the Chinese Culinary Institute and the Committee on Home-School Co-operation, will jointly launch the Junior Chefs' Culinary Ideas of Salt and Sugar Reduction Competition (the Competition). The Competition aims to (1) explore practical ideas of preparing food with reduced salt and sugar without losing flavourand (2) encourage the application of food safety tips when preparing food, so as to promote healthy eating and habits of applying food safety practices.

Entry Categories and Form

The competition consists of two categories, namely Senior Primary (Primary 4 to 6 students) (Parent-child Team) and Junior Secondary (Secondary 1 to 3 students)

Entrants can design a novel recipe of snacks or main dishes of low salt and sugar, or modify traditional recipe with reduced salt and sugar for the first round. Selected finalist will have to prepare the snacks/main dishes on site in the final round.

Details of the Competition

The Competition consists of two rounds, the first and final rounds.

First Round

Design of snacks/main dishes


Final Round

Judging Criteria

First Round

A first round judging panel will select finalists based on the submitted Powerpoint presentation according to the criteria below:

Final Round

A judging panel will judge the snacks/main dishes according to the criteria below:

* Failing to fulfill the requirements or containing incorrect message will result in point deduction.

Judging Process and Awards

Awards Prizes ( Book gift voucher)
Champion Worth HK$4800
First Runner-up Worth HK$2400
Second Runner-up Worth HK$1200
Most Liked Award Worth HK$1200

Briefing Session

Important Dates

Item Date
Application From now to 9 March 2016
Pre-competition Talk 16 March 2016 (To be confirmed)
Deadline for Submission of Powerpoint 6 April 2016
Selection of Finalist 27 April 2016
Online Voting (finalist entries only) 15 June to 22 June 2016 noon
Final Round(Champion, 1 st runner-up, 2 nd runner-up) 30 June 2016 (To be confirmed)
Award Presentation Ceremony 30 June 2016 (To be confirmed)

Application and Enquiries

Terms and Conditions

Additional Information