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Food incidents are, as stated in the "FAO/WHO Framework for Developing National Food Safety Emergency and Response Plans", food safety events that may be of minor or routine in nature as compared to crises that may have major implications. The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) regularly monitors food safety reports of major food authorities and food trade, as well as scientific discoveries and consumer concerns, and evaluates them in accordance with the risk analysis approach.

The Food Incident Post presents food incidents that, have been evaluated based on our best available information, do not have major impact on local population because of limited circulation of the food products concerned or other factors. The Post aims to alert individuals who might be in possession of such products through e-trade, travel, or other personal reasons. Food incidents that are of major public health concern locally will continue to be announced through press release.

The newly evaluated incidents will be posted in either English or Chinese in accordance with the source information.

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