About the Symposium

Food Claims: Truth and Myth
Regional Symposium 2012
29-30 October 2012
Hotel Nikko Hongkong

Claims made about the nature, content, and functions of food in relation to their nutrition and health effects have been widely used in various forms in the food world. Some people consider them useful for highlighting to the potential consumers the contents and functions of the food, while others are skeptical about any possible exaggeration or even misleading comments made for the mere purpose of boosting sales. A balance between protection of consumer health and encouragement of fair practice in international food trade seems to be crucial.

The Regional Symposium "Food Claims: Truth and Myth" will gather experts on food science, academics, food traders including the research and development personnel, consumers, and those from food regulatory authorities to examine the current development of nutrition and health claims, update the market and scientific research directions, and exchange on views related to issues and concerns of various regulatory approaches.

The main objectives of the Symposium are:

  1. To network and share experience among local, Mainland and overseas experts;
  2. To update the development of nutrition and health claims including research directions in scientific discovery and approaches to substantiation of such claims;
  3. To provide a platform for communicating with academia, trade, consumers, and public health to understand the interest and concerns of various parties; and
  4. To foster inter-sectoral partnership and collaborations.

The Symposium will consist of three main topics:

  1. Nutrition and Health Claims – what, how, and who
  2. Regulation, Compliance, and Impact
  3. Scientific Substantiation and Communication

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