Risk Assessment Studies

Sodium Content in Chinese Congee NEW December, 2023
Industrially-produced Trans Fatty Acids Content in Prepackaged and Non-prepackaged Food November, 2023
Sodium content in dim sum July, 2022
Sodium, Sugar, Fat and Energy Contents in Local Vegetarian Dishes  February, 2021
Trans Fats and Sugar Contents of Cakes in Local Market December, 2020
Sodium Content in Local Siu-mei and Lo-mei January, 2020
Industrially-produced Trans Fatty Acids Content in Local Foods June, 2019
Sugar and Energy Contents of Common Non-indigenous Tea-Based Beverage in Hong Kong February, 2019
Sodium, Total Fat and Trans Fat Contents in Local Bread November, 2018
Sodium and Energy Contents of Asian-style Noodles-in-soup Dishes February, 2018
Nutrient Content of Hong Kong Style Savoury Dishes November, 2017
Sodium Content in Local "Meal-on-One-Plate" March, 2017
Sugar Content in Local Sweet Soups October, 2016
Sodium Content in Soups June 2016
Sugar Content in Popular Chinese-style Beverages Consumed with Meals November, 2015
Nutrient Content of Children's Meals in Hong Kong March, 2015
The First Hong Kong Total Diet Study: Minerals December 2014
Sugars Content of Some Non-prepackaged Food in Hong Kong July, 2014
Legibility of Nutrition Labels in Prepackaged Food in Hong Kong February 2014
Trans Fatty Acids in Local Foods (2012) December, 2012
Study on Sodium Content in Local Foods September, 2012
Nutrition Labelling and Related Claims on Prepackaged Food for Infants and Young Children in Hong Kong April, 2012
Dietary Iodine Intake in Hong Kong Adults July, 2011
Sugars Content of Prepackaged Non-alcoholic Beverages in Hong Kong November, 2009
Trans Fatty Acids in Local Foods (III) July, 2009
Nutrient Contents of Common Non-prepackaged Beverages in Hong Kong April, 2009
Sodium content of savoury snacks in Hong Kong March, 2009
Trans Fats in Locally Available Food (Part 2) May, 2008
Trans Fats in Locally Available Food (Part I) October, 2007
Nutrient Values of Fruit and Vegetables June, 2007
Nutrient Values of Indigenous Congee, Rice and Noodle Dishes March, 2006
Nutrient Values of Chinese Dim Sum April, 2005