7 food safety tips

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has been continuously promulgating the "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point" (HACCP) based Food Safety Plan (FSP) to the food trade in order to enhance food safety. This plan is mainly used to prevent and correct possible food safety problems. In our kitchen at home, we can also adopt the principles of HACCP-based FSP to reduce or eliminate the possible problems which may occur during food preparation.

"Eating safe should start at home!" Our kitchen is not only a place to prepare food, but also a place favorable for bacterial growth. To enhance food safety and control the problems correctly, we should remember the following 7 super tips.

Tip 1: Check the packaging and the expiry date on the label

Tip 2: Store food based on "first-in-first-out" principle

Tip 3: Chill perishable foods promptly

Tip 4: Thaw and wash food materials properly

Tip 5: Cook and reheat the food thoroughly

Tip 6: Use separate utensils for ready-to-eat food and non ready-to-eat food

Tip 7: Wash hands properly