Q1: I am complying with the liscensing conditions in running my food premises, why is a Food Safety Plan necessary?
A1: If your food premises are running in compliance with the licensing conditions, you just meet the basic requirements. If you wish to further enhance food safety, the Food Safety Plan can help you. The Food Safety Plan enables you to focus on product safety and allows you to minimize problems. Points which are critical to food safety are systematically controlled. Due to its preventive nature, the Food Safety Plan helps you to lower the possibility of food-related problems, thus saving you from economical and credibility loss.
Q2: What should I do if I want to implement a Food Safety Plan in my food premises?

Some basic requirements are to be met before implementation. These requirements include cleaning and sanitation, personal hygiene, pest control, waste disposal, training, etc..

Then you have to study the information in our webpage carefully, and download the model of Food Safety Plan for reference. Using this model you can develop your own Food Safety Plan.
Q3: Would the implementation of a Food Safety Plan be costly?
A3: Extra resources may be needed during the primary stages of implementing Food Safety Plan. When considering the costs, it is important to take into account the long-term savings on end-product testing, greater safety assurance of products, improved corporate image, and higher business volume. Besides, implementing Food Safety Plan in phases can help members of staff to accustom themselves to the practice of the Food Safety Plan, and avoid a large investment at one time. In the long run, a Food Safety Plan helps to lower production cost (e.g. lowers cost of raw material wastage and product recall).
Q4: What are the benefits of implementing Food Safety Plan?
A4: Traditional food management systems are reactive to food hazards. However, Food Safety Plan adopts a preventive approach to minimize food hazards, thus the occurrence of food poisoning. In addition, it also improves consumers' confidence in the products. In a long run, it lowers production cost by, for example, reducing raw material wastage and food recall.
Q5: Is the Food Safety Plan only suitable for large food manufacturers but not retail and/or food service organizations?
A5: Food Safety Plan is not just suitable for large food manufacturers. Even retail and food service organizations can apply the Food Safety Plan. You may refer to the booklet "How to Implement a Food Safety Plan" to see how it can be implemented.