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Food Safety Focus (97th Issue, August 2014) – Food Incident Highlight

Sugars in Beverages, Desserts and Bakeries

Last month, the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) released the report of its study on sugars content of some non-prepackaged food in Hong Kong. Certain kinds of non-alcoholic beverages (including the less sweet version), dessert and bakery products were found to contain high sugars content.

Sugars are simple carbohydrates which can be found naturally or added to foods and beverages. Consuming too much sugars may result in excessive energy intake and increase the risk of overweight and obesity, which may lead to cardiovascular diseases, type-2 diabetes and certain types of cancers. Frequent and excessive intake of sugars can also cause dental caries.

The CFS will continuously monitor the changes of sugars content in locally available foods. To reduce the sugars intake of the population, the public is advised to maintain a balanced, varied diet, and to limit the consumption of foods with high amount of added sugars such as icy drinks, macarons and plain cakes. The trade is advised to make reference to the Trade Guidelines for Reducing Sugars and Fats in Foods in producing and promoting wholesome and safe products with lower sugars content.

Foods high in sugars
Foods high in sugars