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Food Safety Focus (214th Issue, May 2024) – Article 4

Salads and Food Safety

Salads are mixtures containing minimally processed ready-to-eat vegetables with or without dressings. Food ingredients like meat, eggs, seafood and fruits may be added. They are usually served cold, and are considered high-risk food since some food ingredients are served in an undercooked or raw state. Besides, salad can be contaminated by utensils or food handlers with poor personal hygiene. Storing salads at improper holding temperature can also promote bacterial growth. 

To reduce the food safety risks of salads, the CFS has updated the Salad - Food Safty Guildelines for Food Businesses and provided some useful advice to the trade and the public. The Guidelines will be disseminated to food premises and food exhibitions. Food ingredients should be purchased from approved and reliable sources. Pasteurised eggs and milk products are recommended for making salad dressings. Food handlers should maintain good personal and environmental hygiene. Prepared salads should be served immediately or kept at safe temperature. Susceptible populations should avoid consuming high-risk foods including salads.