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Food Safety Focus (213rd Issue, April 2024) – Article 3

Role of Potassium Salt as a Replacement for Table Salt

Excessive intake of sodium, which might come from the consumption of table salt, condiments or processed food, is associated with hypertension, heart disease and stroke. Locally, the major source of sodium intake is the consumption of condiments and sauces, soup, etc. The World Health Organization recommends a daily level of less than 5 g of salt (or 2 g sodium) from food to reduce blood pressure. 

To reduce sodium intake, consumers can use nutrition labels to identify food with lower sodium levels. Manufacturers should reduce the level of sodium in their products. One of the options is to partially substitute table salt (sodium chloride, NaCl) with potassium chloride (KCl). However, individuals with certain medical conditions, like kidney disease, may seek medical advice before using KCl. Food products with added KCl should be labelled accordingly.