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Food Safety Focus (209th Issue, December 2023) – Article 4

Salmonella in Snack Food

A ready-to-eat lo mei (marinated) pork oviduct sample collected by the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) from a food shop in Sham Shui Po was tested positive for the pathogen Salmonella. Cross contamination of cooked food with raw food, possibly through unclean gloves, was the suspected cause upon investigation. The CFS has instructed the shop to suspend the sale of the food product concerned, provided food safety and hygiene education to their staff and requested them to conduct thorough cleaning and disinfection. 

To prevent cross contamination, food handlers should maintain good personal and environmental hygiene at all times. Wash hands properly before and after work and whenever changing job (e.g. changing from handling rubbish to handling food) or when hands get dirty. Clean and disinfect utensils and equipment after use. Use covered rubbish bins and empty them regularly. Keep food covered during display and storage. Cook food thoroughly and keep it out of the temperature danger zone. Consumers should consume snack food as soon as possible after purchase.