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Food Safety Focus (206th Issue, September 2023) – Article 3

Food Safety Risk of Soft-scrambled Eggs

In July, there was a suspected food poisoning case related to the consumption of soft-scrambled egg dishes. Investigation revealed that pooled liquid eggs, kept at room temperature, had been undercooked to produce the dishes. Soft-scrambled eggs are often produced by pooled eggs, where pooling allows contamianted eggs to contaminate the whole pool of eggs. To maintain the desirable texture, the eggs may not be thoroughly cooked. Consuming contaminated eggs without adequate heat treatment could lead to food poisoning.

To minimise risks of contracting foodborne pathogens, egg products should be cooked thoroughly. For dishes that are not intended to be thoroughly cooked to keep the required texture, choose pasteurised eggs, egg products or dried egg powder. Use all pooled eggs on the same day, refrigerate them when not immediately used and do not top up with new eggs. If not immediately served, soft-scrambled egg dishes should be kept at proper holding temperature. Susceptible populations should not consume high-risk foods including raw or undercooked eggs.