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Food Safety Focus (204th Issue, July 2023) – Article 4

Prepare Siu Mei and Lo Mei Safely

Siu mei and lo mei are popular dishes. They are intrinsically high-risk as they are usually prepared in advance, with post-cooking handling and are often stored at room temperature with no or insufficient heat treatment to eradicate disease-causing bacteria after they have been cooked. If hygiene practices are not observed, ready-to-eat foods may spread disease-causing bacteria and microbes with antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Food handlers should maintain good personal, environmental and food hygiene when preparing siu mei and lo mei. Plan production schedules well to prevent over-production and prolonged storage at room temperature. Wash hands before handling food and use gloves properly. Use hooks and pliers during display and handling to minimise bare-hand contact. As bacteria may grow faster on cut siu mei displayed in plastic wrap, siu mei shops should chop up siu mei upon orders. Follow the "2-hours/4-hours" rule if displayed at room temperature, or refrigerate them at 4°C or below within two hours of production. 

Visit the CFS website for details on the safe preparation of siu mei and lo mei.