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Food Safety Focus (203rd Issue, June 2023)– Article 4

Eating Fish from Local Wet Markets Raw - Is It Safe?

At times, some people share recipes online that contain raw fish from local wet markets, raising questions about food safety. Most fish sold in the wet markets are not intended for raw consumption. The inherent microbiological risks of consuming raw fish, for example harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites, should not be overlooked. Besides, condiments like soy sauce, chilli sauce and wasabi cannot kill the foodborne pathogens that may be present in raw fish.

For the sake of food safety, food businesses and the public should purchase raw materials from reputable and reliable sources for preparing dishes. When purchasing food for raw consumption such as sashimi, consumers are advised to check whether the food premises hold valid food business licences or permits on the sale of such restricted food. Food not intended to be eaten raw should be cooked thoroughly before consumption.