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Food Safety Focus (200th Issue, March 2023)– Article 3

Handle Sandwiches and Bakery Products Safely

During baking of bakery products, the high temperature kills the microorganisms present. However, post-baking contamination, prolonged storage at room temperature and unhygienic handling can promote microbial growth as there is no further heat treatment.  With manual handling and the use of fillings with higher moisture or protein contents, some sandwiches and bakery products are more prone to deterioration caused by microorganisms and moulds, especially when stored under extended hours in warm, wet conditions. These products should be consumed as soon as possible. If not consumed immediately, keep these bakery products and sandwiches (including home-made ones) in the refrigerator at or below 4°C, and consume them within one or two days for non-prepackaged products or within shelf-life for prepackaged ones.

Bakery products that has no fillings and subject to minimal post-baking handling (e.g. plain rolls and pineapple buns) can be stored covered at room temperature for up to two to four days. The trade can take reference from the CFS Trade Guideline and prepare the products safely.