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Food Safety Focus (193rd Issue, August 2022) – Article 3

Sodium Content in Dim Sum in Hong Kong

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) has conducted a study on the sodium (salt) content of local non-prepackaged dim sum in order to monitor the changes in levels. It is encouraging that nine out of eleven types of dim sum have sodium levels reduced when compared with the last study. However, the sodium contents of shrimp siu mai, spring roll with shrimp and steamed minced beef ball were relatively high. Furthermore, adding sauces can double the sodium level.

A large variation in sodium levels within the same type of dim sum was observed, suggesting room for improvement through choice of ingredients with less sodium and use of more spices. The trade should strive to lower the sodium levels in dim sum further through reformulation and serving sauces separately. Consumers should maintain a balanced diet. When consuming dim sum, choose the ones with lower sodium levels. Request that sauces be served separately and dip sparingly.