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Food Safety Focus (191th Issue, June 2022) – Article 4

Bring Ice-cream Home Properly Under the Summer Heat

Have you ever wondered how to properly bring home frozen confections like ice-cream from the store? As summer approaches and the weather gets warmer, foodborne pathogens can be a real threat to an occasional indulgence in an ice-cream at home if not properly delivered.

Rich in nutrients, ice-cream should be kept out of dangerous temperatures (i.e. 4°C or above) as much as possible during transportation to prevent bacteria from multiplying, while freezing cannot kill the bacteria present. Aside from preventing melting, the perks of keeping the ice-cream frozen during transit include preserving quality, since air bubbles in the ice-cream that make the dessert soft and creamy will dissipate while melting. As a result, the ice-cream will become undesirably firm after re-freezing at home.

To ensure the safety and quality of ice-cream, purchase from reputable sources. Use a chiller bag and ice packs to carry ice-cream home, and store it in the freezer as soon as possible. If not consumed all at once, use a clean scoop to take out the portion you want to consume. Avoid re-freezing melted ice-cream.