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Food Safety Focus (188th Issue, March 2022) – Article 3

Online Ordering of Meal Delivery Services and Food Safety

While ordering meals online through delivery service apps makes modern life easier, food businesses, delivery service operators and consumers should work together to keep food safe from door to door.

Food businesses should pack takeaways in sturdy containers with fitting lids and store them in a clean place before collection to avoid spillage and contamination. Delivery service operators should provide timely delivery and prevent contamination during transportation. Food storage containers should be kept clean. Hot and cold foods should be packed in separate insulated containers at above 60°C or at 4°C or below respectively. Upon receiving, consumers should consume the food as soon as possible. When ordering online for delivery food, high-risk foods (e.g. raw or semi-cooked food) should be avoided, especially for susceptible populations, as delivery without proper refrigeration increases risks. Please visit here for more information.