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Food Safety Focus (183rd Issue, October 2021) – Food Incident Highlight

Milk for sale should be Imported with Permission

In August, the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) found several types of milk imported without permission from the Director of Food and Environmental Hygiene (DFEH). The CFS initiated immediate actions, which include instructing the importer and the vendor to stop sale of the products concerned, remove them from shelves and initiate a recall. The CFS also alerted the trade and traced the source and distribution. The trade was urged to stop selling or using the affected products. Food Alerts were issued to the public not to consume the products concerned.

According to the Milk Regulation (Cap. 132AQ), milk or milk beverages imported into Hong Kong for sale should be obtained from a source of manufacture approved by the DFEH. Trades should ensure that their products comply with relevant local hygiene and composition standards as well as the import requirements before importing milk.