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Food Safety Focus (163rd Issue, February 2020) – Food Incident Highlight

Sodium Content in Local Siu-mei and Lo-mei

A recent study jointly conducted by the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) and the Consumer Council found that some popular local Siu-mei and Lo-mei (SMLM) are high in sodium.  Red sausage has the highest level of salt, followed by roasted pork, BBQ pork and Lo-shui goose gizzard.  The study also tested the the sodium content of the sauce/marinade of SMLM.  When mimicking the practice of pouring the sauce/marinade over the SMLM before serving, there is a 17% increase in the sodium content in BBQ pork and 38% in Lo-shui goose.

Excessive intake of salt (sodium) may lead to a higher risk of developing hypertension.  The public is advised to pay attention to the sodium content in SMLM, choose carefully and be aware of SMLM with high sodium levels. Taste the food before dipping in the sauce/marinade, and dip lightly if needed.

The trade should serve the sauce/marinade separately and is encouraged to reduce the sodium content of SMLM through modification of preparation methods and use of ingredients by making reference to the CFS's "Trade Guidelines for Reducing Sodium in Foods".