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Food Safety Focus (134th Issue, September 2017) – Food Incident Highlight

Chloramphenicol Found in Frozen Buffalo Meat

Last month, the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) received notification from Macau authorities that a batch of frozen buffalo meat imported from Hong Kong was found to contain a non-permitted veterinary drug, chloramphenicol. In view of Macau’s findings, the CFS has immediately investigated the case and noticed that the buffalo meat was imported from a third country. The CFS urged the public not to consume the affected batch of the product and the trade to stop using or selling the product. The CFS has also informed the authorities of the country of origin.

According to the Harmful Substances in Food Regulations (Cap. 132AF), no meat sold in Hong Kong for human consumption is allowed to contain chloramphenicol. Offenders will be prosecuted and will be liable to a fine of $50,000 and to imprisonment for six months upon conviction.