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Nuclear Event and Food Safety Uploaded on 29/1/2015 New

List of Small Volume Exemption Products Uploaded on 23/1/2015 New

Food Safety Focus (102nd Issue, January 2015) Uploaded on 21/1/2015 New

E-news - 15.1.2015 Uploaded on 15/01/2015 New


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New Information for 2012

CFS Facebook
CFS Facebook Uploaded on 26/1/2015

Hong Kong’s Action on Salt and Sugars Reduction Facebook
HK's Action on Salt and Sugars Reduction Facebook Uploaded on 26/1/2015New

CFS YouTube
CFS YouTube Uploaded on 26/1/2015

Small Volume Exemption Web-based Platform Services Uploaded on 22/12/2010

Nutrient Information Inquiry System "Databases Updated" Uploaded on 06/09/2010

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