Safety Tips for Enjoying Glutinous Rice Dumplings

Observe the 5 Keys to Food Safety While Enjoying Easter

Easter is coming soon and many people are already planning their festive activities. Some would like to spend their holiday aboard, while some opt to enjoy the festival in town. Restaurants and hotels employ their means to allure customers by offering a wide range of fine foods, not to mention Easter eggs and bunnies that add lustre to the occasion.

When you enjoy Easter feasts at restaurants, do remember the 5 Keys to Food Safety that are pivotal to healthy and pleasant meals.

First, choose. You should patronise a reliable and licensed restaurant with good environmental hygiene. Pay attention to its hygienic conditions (e.g. storage conditions of food and whether utensils are clean and intact) and staff's personal hygiene (e.g. whether they wear clean outer clothing? Do they smoke or spit during food preparation?).

Second, clean. Before eating and after going to the toilet, you should wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and liquid soap. Some restaurants will arrange special fun activities, such as Easter egg hunt and magic show, for customers during the meal. Remember to wash hands thoroughly after the activities and before eating again.

Third, separate. When eating, you should avoid cross-contamination between raw and cooked foods. For example, raw and cooked foods are usually displayed together on tables at buffet. You should use designated utensils as provided to take them separately and never mix up the utensils. In some restaurants, chefs cook foods at the spot for customers. Make sure that they follow the key "separate" when handling raw food.

Fourth, cook. If foods cooked at the spot (e.g. BBQ meat) do not seem to be properly done, you should ask the chefs to cook them again until they are thoroughly cooked. When thoroughly cooked meat and poultry are cut, juices are clear and should not be red. Blood should not be seen.

Fifth, safe temperature. Hot dishes should be kept at above 60 ℃ , while cold dishes at 4 ℃ or below. For foods with possible temperature abuse, look or taste, do not consume them. Finish foods as soon as possible in order to avoid keeping them at room temperature for a long period of time.

Remember to maintain a balanced diet and not to overeat. Pregnant women, children, the elderly and people with lower immunity should avoid eating raw food because of its high risk. Always bear in mind the 5 Keys to Food Safety and you can enjoy a healthy Easter!