Savour the Luscious Moon Cakes

A great variety of moon cakes are on offer for every Mid-Autumn Festival. Apart from the popular traditional lotus seed paste and mixed nuts moon cakes, snowy, ice-cream and some novel ones are also widely favoured. How shall we choose and enjoy moon cakes?

Observe the Instructions on the Labels of Traditional Moon Cakes

Baking in high temperature is as an essential step in the production of traditional moon cakes and can virtually eliminate any bacteria present. However, if stored or handled improperly, moon cakes may still be subject to bacterial contamination. It is wise to observe the hygiene conditions of the premises during purchase and make sure moon cakes are properly stored. Keep them in a cool dry place or according to the storage instructions on the labels and check the expiry dates. Moreover, moon cakes may contain high sugars and fats, food additives such as sweeteners and food colours, as well as allergens such as nuts. Check the label for such information.

Snowy and Ice-cream Moon Cakes are of Higher Microbiological Risk

Unlike traditional moon cakes, snowy moon cakes are highly vulnerable to microbiological contamination for the absence of heat treatment. Pay special attention to the storage condition, especially the holding temperatures. Snowy moon cakes should be kept in the fridge at 4℃ or below, while ice-cream moon cakes in the freezer at -18 ℃ or below. If putting in a fridge immediately is not possible, it is better to keep them in a cool box with dry ice or ice.

Share Moon Cakes for Better Health

Regardless of the types of moon cakes you buy, you are advised to patronise reliable shops. Make sure that moon cakes are in proper packaging and being kept in appropriate temperature. Do not consume moon cakes with abnormal appearance, colour or taste. Avoid prolonged storage under room temperature. Check the nutrition labels. Those with lower sugars, salt and fat content are preferred. Share moon cakes with your family and friends. Take seasonal fruits, such as crystal pears and pummelos for more dietary fibres. Last but not least, maintain a well balanced diet, taking note of your own health status – for example, star fruit may not be suitable for people with kidney diseases and enjoy the time!

Snowy moon cakes should be transported in a cool box with dry ice or ice.

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