Food Safety Tips for Easter Buffet

Colourful Easter eggs and lovely bunnies are coming to town again! It is again time to celebrate the Easter holiday with your family, perhaps by having a splendid buffet! In many restaurants, Easter buffets not only offer an unlimited supply of drinks and food, but also have fun games and family activities for customers to make it a great time.

While enjoying great food and having fun, you should always remember the following "Five Keys to Food Safety" to prevent food-borne diseases.

First, Choose. Choose a reliable and licensed restaurant with good hygienic condition. Check whether the restaurant is in good hygienic conditions and the utensils are clean and intact. Also, pay attention to the personal hygiene of its staff. Choose fresh food and do not consume foods with abnormal appearance or smell. Many licensed restaurants have signed up to the Food Safety Charter 2009 and undertaken to promote and practise the Five Keys to Food Safety. For details, please click

Second, clean. You should wash hands thoroughly with running water and liquid soap for 20 seconds before eating and after going to the toilets. If you participate in special fun activities in a buffet, such as magic shows and Easter egg hunts, do remember to wash hands thoroughly after the activities and before eating again.

As contamination of cooked food by raw food is one of the main causes of food-borne diseases, you must further observe the key Separate to prevent cross-contamination between raw and cooked foods. For example, both raw and cooked foods are offered and displayed on the same tables in some restaurants. You should use designated utensils as provided to take them separately. If foods are cooked at the spot for customers, make sure that chefs follow the key Separate when handling food to prevent raw food from contaminating cooked food.

Naturally, you should check whether the foods are cooked thoroughly. If meat and poultry are cooked thoroughly, their juices are clear and should not be pink. Also, there should be no blood when they are cut. If you suspect that cooked food or barbecued meats are not fully done, ask staff to change them or cook them thoroughly.

Lastly, you should not forget safe temperature. To prevent the growth of bacteria, hot dishes like pork chop and steamed fish should be kept at above 60 ℃ , while cold dishes such as salad, raw oyster, sushi and sashimi should be kept at or below 4 ℃. Finish foods as soon as possible after taking them to avoid leaving them at room temperature for a long period of time.

With the practice of "Five Keys to Food Safety" and a balanced diet, you are sure to enjoy a happy and safe Easter holiday.