Nitrofuran metabolite found in prepackaged frozen shrimp sample

Issue Date 14.12.2022
Source of Information

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS)

Food Product

Prepackaged frozen shrimp

Product Name and Description

Product name: Vannamei White Shrimp

Brand: Meadows

Place of origin: China


Packing: 300 grams per pack

Best-before date: April 11, 2024

Reason For Issuing Alert
  • The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) collected the shrimp sample from a supermarket in Tin Shui Wai for testing when following up on a related incident. The test result showed that it contained metabolite (AOZ) at a level of 1.5 parts per billion.
Action Taken by the Centre for Food Safety
  • The CFS has informed the vendor concerned of the irregularity and instructed it to stop sale and remove from shelves the affected batch of the product.
  • According to the CFS's instructions, the sole distributor has initiated a recall on the affected batch of the product.
  • The CFS will alert the trade, continue to follow up on the incident and take appropriate action. Investigation is ongoing.
Advice to the Trade
  • Stop using or selling the affected batches of the product concerned immediately if they possess them.
Advice to Consumers
  • Not to consume the affected batches of the product if they have bought any.
Further Information

The CFS press release

Members of the public may call its hotline at 2299 1133 during office hours for enquiries about the recall of the product concerned.

Centre for Food Safety
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